Have you ever sailed across an ocean on a sailboat, surrounded by sea with no land in sight, without even the possibility of sighting land for days to come? To stand at the helm of your destiny. I want that, one more time. I want to be in the Piazza del Campo in Siena. To feel the surge as 10 racehorses go thundering by. I want another meal in Paris, at L’Ambroisie, at the Place des Vosges. I want another bottle of wine. And then another. I want the warmth of a woman and a cool set of sheets. One more night of jazz at the Vanguard. I want to stand on the summits and smoke Cubans and feel the sun on my face for as long as I can. Walk on the Wall again. Climb the Tower. Ride the River. Stare at the Frescos. I want to sit in the garden and read one more good book.


Black sand beach, Vik, Iceland

France - Pont d’Espagne by Grégoire Sieuw

Brikk Unveils the 24K Gold Lux Nikon DF
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"Years of love have been forgot
In the hatred of a minute"


Migaloo, The All-White Humpback, Makes A Rare Appearance
“Migaloo, one of the only white humpback whales in the world who isn’t albino, has been spotted for the first time this year off the coast of Australia.
According to The Telegraph, Migaloo was photographed with a camera phone Tuesday morning off Green Cape in New South Wales. Oskar Peterson, founder of the White Whale Research Centre, confirmed the sighting, noting that the whale’s location matched with Migaloo’s known migratory patterns – patterns with which Migaloo’s fans have grown familiar since his first sighting in 1991.”
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"Where do I matter?
Where is the division line
of worth and worthless?"